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Return to the Night’s Champion series with Night’s Fall, out now!  Following on from Night’s Favour:

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It’s been five years since Val climbed out of the ruins of Biomne’s research facility. Five years of running from the creature he’s become. Five years of trying to turn the curse into a blessing. He’s scratching out a living in the heart of Chicago, trying to make ends meet while saving those he can. His friend John has found a home with girlfriend Sky. The three of them share an apartment in a city too big to care.

Stories of Val’s dark gift have reached across the seas to Talin Moray, a man who will stop at nothing to possess the power of the Night. Talin has pursued them from city to city and is ready to spring his trap in the ancient place where Great Lakes and the power of the Chicago River meet. By his mastery of Vodou, he will take the Night and damn the world.

Danny’s running too – from the feelings she knows aren’t hers. Emotions that come from the thing emerging from within. Carlisle has joined her friend in the cold heart of Alaska. Danny’s 14-year-old daughter Adalia holds them together more than any of them know. Adalia’s new companion, the mysterious boy only she can see, guides their steps back to those they miss the most.

Rejoin Val and Danny’s pack as they fight to save not just the world, but themselves and those they love.


Upgrade Cover 6x9 US Trade 600dpcThe standalone novel Upgrade is a cyberpunk journey through a world perhaps a little too familiar.

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Mason’s job is simple: company asset protection and acquisition, no questions asked. He’s good at what he does, and it’s given him everything he’s ever wanted. The best looks money can buy, the spacious apartment that only comes with knowing the right people, and top shelf bionics from Apsel Federate. When he meets a lost girl from a dying world, an off-grid rock star, and a slave lord who wants to own them all, he needs to remember what the life he lives has taken away. Lost to corporate interest and the soft line between incentive and crime, Mason is trying to learn what it means to be truly human.





Night's FavourShortlisted for the 2014 Sir Julius Vogel Award for best novelNight’s Favour is where the Night’s Champion story begins.  You can get a free copy by signing up to my mailing list, or the usual way through Amazon.

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Valentine’s an ordinary guy with ordinary problems. His boss is an asshole. He’s an alcoholic. And he’s getting that middle age spread just a bit too early. One night — the one night he can’t remember — changes everything. What happened at the popular downtown bar, The Elephant Blues? Why is Biomne, the largest pharmaceutical company in the world, so interested in him — and the virus he carries? How is he getting stronger, faster, and more fit? And what’s the connection between Valentine and the criminally insane Russian, Volk?